Gill Battery – The Original Equipment Aircraft Battery


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Establised in 1920

At this, Gill who manufactured the bateries of lead-acid in the automotive industry. During the war years, Gill has already manufactured the batteries for many  aircraft and military ground vehicles; some of those batteries are still in today’s production.

Gill Electric always improves the dry charged process which is providing a freshly charged product when adding the electrolyte.l battery of equipment ” for Raytheon, LearJet, Cessna, Mooney, Ayres, Piper, Airtractor, Schweizer, Maule, and so on. Gill will continue to become the best choice in the industry battery products.

Teledyne Company in 1966

In 1966, Industries with name Teledyne acquires theElectric Company of Gill. Manufacturers in the worldwide will follow him to get the quality of the aircraft. For their aircraft, the customer will be provided the aircraft operators by dependable products .

Batteries which are Valve-Regulated

They come up with many popular sizes. This will develop to continues providing many reliable and modern batteries in this industry. Many VRLA were developed in 2007 to get the  best battery line. The best possible lead-acid chemistry for your customers will be provided. The Series of 7000  is created to provide superior life, fast recharge, optimal power and .

Gill’s constant voltage charger will be light-weight and have reasonably priced. They are providing many efficient recharging of the lead-acid battery.

When aircraft battery needs to increase, you can specify “Gill” which are dependable batteries since 1920.

Let’s call to order our batteries now.

Studio/reference headphones for music production?


Yes. I’ve been using them. I got the AKG k702, and a pair of Event 2020 reference speakers/monitors. I got them because it was said to be the thing to get by every expert out there.

But frankly, it still doesn’t make sense to me why anyone needs them. When you consider that lots of consumer headphones out there have a bit of a pumped up bass, you might as well get one of those mid-range consumer headphones for mastering that is in between those with ridiculous amounts of bass for the dumb dumb boom-heads and those with an acceptable amount. Much cheaper too!

You see, the problem with reference/studio headphones is that it produces a flat sound. In other words, nothing is emphasised. So when you produce music with them, you CAN’T make it sound the way you’d like to hear it. You have to actually make effort to make it all sound flat, with nothing emphasised, so that when others listen to it with their individual headphones with highs or lows (trebles or bass) emphasised, it’s not going to sound boomy or sharp because you added too much bass or trebles or mid-frequencies on flat studio headphones.

That just makes music production an uninspirational affair, especially for real music where we play around with different instruments, emphasis, etc.

Of course, people would say, you just need to learn how to use reference speakers and headphones. But the fact of the matter is, I still cannot emphasise anything and be inspired by it when producing. Frankly, my tunes sound best when I master them on a consumer pair of AKG 240, or even the built-speakers on my old 17 inch mac book pro. I’ve not learnt the art of mastering yet, as I’m still figuring out all those different tools on my Logic Pro. But I do know what a good mix is – and when it comes to this, lots of music from the CD period onwards is just plain noisy, and you don’t get clean-sounding music with different volumes for different instruments, or what is called ‘dynamic range’.

In sum, music production has to be an inspirational affair with the producer being free to emphasise what s/he wants to emphasise in the creative process. Using flat speakers/headphones and having to make the effort to make it sound flat just takes the joy out of the journey. You might ad well use a pair of highly popular consumer headphones to produce and be assured that it is going to sound good via the hardware most people use. If I do get reference/studio headphones, I’d do it largely to enjoy already produced music.

How Extroverted Introverts Interact Differently With The World

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 16.09.39

This is literally me and I absolutely love it and I totally 💝 my own own charachter and my own company too, and I find myself and my mind highly entertaining and most excellent company and utterly amusing.

I’ve had a week of people trying to dump their chaotic ways onto me, people emailing me asking for things, even people I know very well and who should know better asking me for things, especially this month or next due some big stuff happening, I’ve enough on my plate. I just want to be left alone as lots to get ready for. So unless you’re already in, you won’t ever be getting in.

This week I’ve even had randomers trying to get past my team of people in work to try to get to me (which is impossible as I work out of my production offices in Enniskerry most days as team of Doctors on site) to ask for wait for it ‘advise on how to set up businesses similar to mine’ are they stupid? So beauty owners and tattoo artists please f*ck off annoying me on FB asking me to advise you how to set up aesthetic treatments in your tattoo parlour. You’re deluded.

Some idiot male phoning pretending ‘he was an old friend and had lost my number’ ….as if? He was lying pretending he knew me and was saying he apparently had migraines he wanted me to treat…..I don’t treat male patients and I rarely take on new patients these days as I have a team of Doctors who are brilliant and I do one afternoon per week maximum on the clinic floor, I’ve other business interests. In addition I don’t deal with lunatics. It’s safe to say after his referall to Pearse Street Garda station he’ll have a whopper migraine alright the stupid stalker f*ckwit’. He’s lucky it’s only Garda who’ll be having a word with him.

I have my world, my life, my family and close knit group all very protected and everyone is very protective of me. Those who have my number/email etc have it for their own use, and don’t pass it on and shouldn’t forward me things clogging up my very disciplined working days as anything I need to know for myself you can be guaranteed I know. Even where I live, the local restaurants, shops and very importantly the hairsalon all mind me terribly well and are protective of me and my privacy.

So can everyone else who has been causing me minor annoyance this week please go away and stay away. I don’t know you people, I don’t want to know you so please don’t assume I do, because I can categorically clarify I don’t and I won’t. I’m in my cave until further notice recharging my batteries and delighted to be spending the weekend with my family.

Anyone else who wants to come knocking this week be warned I’ll be adopting zero tolerance and you will be sorry you made any attempt to try to make contact as I’m in a badass humour.

Now can everyone f*ck off annoying me until further notice. If I don’t know you, please kindly f*ck off thinking I want to entertain your stupid requests. I do not.

Workings of a Deep Cycle Marine Battery

Deep Cycle Marine Battery

A deep cycle battery, which is the finest option for trolling, delivers a steady stream of power over a long amount of time. You may by now know that a deep cycle battery additions a boat’s cranking battery for ideal performance, but do you know how these forms of batteries actually work? Keep skimming to learn a slight more about a deep cycle marine battery.

Circumstances Disturb a Deep Cycle Marine Battery

  • Deep cycle batteries are normally exposed to tough conditions.
  • Depending on where a boat goes and when it could be moderately cold, or awfully hot, both of which affect product performing.
  • High temperatures hasten internal breakdown and can contract longevity.
  • Even when the battery is not in use, high temperatures influence the chemistry of deep cycle batteries as the product will self-discharge more swiftly than when it is stored at room temperature.
  • In addition to temperature encounters, improper charging can have a major impact on the lifecycle of a deep cycle battery.
  • When a battery is charged too often, its ability is weakened.
  • Batteries should be discharged to at least 50% DOD before recharging in order to prolong their life.
  • It is also essential to ensure batteries receive a full recharge to deliver estimated life.
  • To keep batteries functioning dependably, make sure to maintain fluid levels above the top of the plates by means of only distilled water to replenish fluids lost during charging service.

Matching Deep Cycle Batteries

Battery buyers need to be conscious of changes in the battery construction. Some batteries are branded as a marine battery, but do not state deep cycle construction. For example, dual purpose marine batteries can be valuable for boaters that do not want to deal with two individual batteries for starting and trolling. In most cases, dual purpose batteries will work adequately for both scenarios, but will never be as effectual as a two-battery solution.

Deep cycle marine batteries are a little maintenance, high power solution for entertaining boaters. However, it is the key to realize how they work and what sorts of behavior can leave them vulnerable, in order to make the most of their potential for power.

Battery Charging

  • Recall you must put back the energy you use instantly. If you don’t the battery sulfates and that disturbs performance and durability.
  • The alternator is a battery charger. It functions well if the battery is not deeply discharged.
  • The alternator inclines to overcharge batteries that are very low and the overcharge can harm batteries.
  • In truth an engine starting battery on average has merely about 10 deep cycles obtainable when recharged by an alternator.
  • Batteries like to be charged in a precise way, especially when they have been deeply discharged. This kind of charging is called 3 step regulated charging.
  • Please observe that only special Smart Battery Chargers using computer technology can accomplish 3 step charging techniques.
  • The primary step is bulk charging where up to 80% of the battery energy capacity is traded by the charger at the maximum voltage and current amp rating of the charger. When the battery voltage extents 14.4 volts this activates the absorption charge step.
  • This is where the voltage is held at a continuous 14.4 volts and the current drops until the battery is 98% charged.
  • Then comes the Float Step. This is a regulated voltage of not more than 13.4 volts and generally less than 1 amp of current. This in time will carry the battery to 100% charged or near to it.
  • The float charge will not boil or heat batteries but will preserve the batteries at 100% readiness and stop cycling during long term inactivity.
  • Some Gel Cell and AGM batteries may need special settings or chargers.

Battery Do’s

  • Think Security First.
  • Do read complete tutorial.
  • Do regular examination and care especially in hot weather.
  • Do recharge batteries straightaway after discharge.
  • Do buy the highest RC reserve capacity or AH amp hour battery that will fit your configuration.

Battery Don’ts

  • Don’t overlook safety first.
  • Don’t insert new electrolyte.
  • Don’t use unregulated high output battery chargers to charge batteries.
  • Don’t put your equipment and toys into storage not including some kind of device to keep the battery charged.
  • Don’t detach battery cables while the engine is progressing.
  • Don’t put off recharging batteries.
  • Don’t add tap water as it may be full of minerals that will pollute the electrolyte.
  • Don’t discharge batteries any deeper than you probably have to
  • Don’t let a battery get hot to the touch and boil brutally when charging.
  • Don’t mingle size and varieties of batteries.

Battery Lifetime and Functioning

Average battery life has become smaller as energy requirements have enlarged. Only 30% of batteries sold today accomplish the 48-month mark. In fact 80% of all battery failure is connected to sulfation build-up. This build up happens when the sulfur molecules in the electrolyte come to be so deeply discharged that they begin to coat the battery’s lead plates. Before long the plates become so coated that the battery expires. The reasons of sulfation are many. Let me list some for you.

  • Batteries sit too long between charges.
  • As trivial as 24 hours in hot weather and numerous days in cooler weather.
  • Battery is stored lacking some kind of energy input.

Deep Cycling an Engine Initiating Battery

  • Remember these batteries can’t tolerate deep discharge.
  • Undercharging of a battery to only 90% of capacity will let sulfation of the battery using the 10% of battery chemistry not reactivated by the unfinished charging cycle.
  • Heat of 100 plus F., rises internal discharge. As temperatures intensify so does internal discharge.
  • A firsthand fully charged battery left sitting 24 hours a day at 110 degrees F for 30 days would most probably not start an engine.
  • Low electrolyte level, battery plates bare to air will instantly sulfate.
  • Improper charging levels and settings.
  • Most cheap battery chargers can do more damage than good.
  • Cold weather is also tough on the battery. The chemistry does not make the same volume of energy as a warm battery.
  • A deeply discharged battery can freeze solid in freezing weather.
  • Parasitic drain is a load put on a battery with the key off.

How our Backpacker Stove works


Primary Air enters the bottom of the stove (between the feet).
The density of the fuel bed limits the amount of primary air, which in turn causes pyrolysis of the fuel. Since the stove is lit from the top, the pyrolytic front progresses slowly downward, controlling the rate at which fuel is burned, making sure it does not burn too fast.

Secondary air enters through the bottom of the stove and travels up the sides of the stove, between the outer body and the combustion chamber. The secondary air is pre-warmed as it flows up.

The secondary air enters at the top of the combustion chamber, under a lip which helps mixing of the wood gas and the secondary air.

The flame occurs at the point where the secondary air and wood gas mix.

List of the ways you can help through GBLL this holiday season

Dear Friends, Here is a comprehensive list of the ways you can help through GBLL this holiday season. Please share this to spread the word!

What started as a single act of kindness over 30 years ago has grown exponentially to now touch thousands of lives in need each year. Thanks to your generosity and efforts we will once again brighten the lives of those less fortunate this holiday season.

We have many needs to fill and many opportunities to volunteer:

· Toiletries are in great demand. Please consider organizing a drive. The travel size items needed are: soap, toothbrush & toothpaste, shampoo, hand sanitizer, deodorant, combs, lotion, and chapstick. We would need donated items by Dec. 19. See below for toiletry collection details at Severna Park High School.

· Dec. 9 is our final general meeting before the main drive. Anyone wishing to learn about the details of this organization is invited to come! Woods Memorial Presbyterian Church in Severna Park, Room #208 at 7:00pm.

· Dec. 12/13 we need families/youth volunteers with an adult to man a donation truck at Homestead Gardens in Severna Park. The flyer can be accessed through this Please pass the word along to anyone needing service hours or looking to help.

· On Dec. 19 at Severna Park High School from 9am-12pm we will be sorting and assembling toiletry kits, making more cards, wrapping boots, making scarves and anything else last-minute that comes up. Great activity for our youth to participate in. Again, donations and volunteers are needed!

· COOKIES! We are sharing the warmth of homemade goodness with every shelter visited again this year. We need our bakers to get busy, and share the love. Please contact: mimilshea for details on cookie donation dropoff.

· CAKES! Cakes are very enthusiastically appreciated! They are needed for a luncheon and evening fellowship service. Cakes should be cooked in a disposable tin pan and are needed by Dec. 23. Please send a private FB message if you’re able to help with cakes, and we can coordinate dropoff. Chocolate cake is high demand!

· CARDS! We want every homeless person to receive this gift of BEAUTY from a young person. Please have your artist make as many cards as they can. Homemade or store-bought with a personal message are perfect. We can take cards up to Dec. 23.

The main collection runs Dec. 20-23 from 10am-4pm at the Annapolis Farmers Market on Riva Road. We will need lots of volunteers to sort, fold, and pack the donations. This has been a great team-building exercise for schools, teams, groups and families in the past, and is encouraged this again for the coming drive. FREE lunch is provided for volunteers, as well as treats and holiday music and camaraderie. Most local schools are still in session till the 23rd, so send your college students and tell them to bring a friend!

· Shelter deliveries take place on Dec. 24, either a morning or evening run. Again, volunteers are needed and we say this with the greatest confidence… this experience will change your whole outlook on Christmas. More details will come, but to participate in the Christmas Eve shelter deliveries, usually requires an 8am commitment for the morning run and a 3pm commitment for the evening run.

We are also in need of donations, mainly coats, but any warm gently used clothing, baby items, small appliances, blankets, sleeping bags, diapers, women’s hygiene items, new linens, toys and underwear. We pretty much accept anything at the Farmers Market except furniture and summer clothing. WARM COATS are needed! So, if a student would like to organize a coat drive, within their sports team, community or other civic group, we will happily sign the service-hours acknowledgement. Students contact info if interested in running a coat drive.

· If you haven’t already, please consider sponsoring a backpack. For a $25 donation, a new backpack filled with thermal top and bottoms, socks, gloves, a hat, and sweatshirt will be given out of the streets of Baltimore Christmas Eve. You tax-deductible donation can be made online or mailed to: Giving Back, Linda’s Legacy, 626C Admiral Dr., Annapolis, MD 21401.

Visit our website at In addition, a 12-minute video can be found at

Thank you for volunteering and helping in our efforts… Because of you, life-saving goods, dignity, hope and understanding is provided to our homeless and disadvantaged neighbors.

Professional Touch Paint – Fernando Lugo

What can I say, but THANK YOU. Fernando, you saved me today. I would like anyone to consider Fernando and his team for any painting they might need. We ran into an issue this am, with another Painter. Initially, it was a 2-day project but on Wed, they asked to do on Friday, because bigger projects were running later than expected and they now thought 1-day was enough. I was okay, I noted as long as your done by Friday, we are okay. We have a party Saturday, and need it done. Friday 830 am. Painter arrives. What wasn’t known, is the job went from 2 guys to 1 guy, okay..not an issue, but the painter at my house doesn’t have any supplies (ladder, drop clothes, enough PAINT, etc). Its about 1030 with no movement, so I ask for a status? No contact with the boss, no one is answering.

I needed it done, and with the potential for 2 days initially, and then shaved to 1 with 2-guys, now 1 guy with no paint supplies. It wasn’t going to happen, so I was over it and terminated the work.

What did I have left? I checked out WFC and saw Fernando and his crew. I call him up, ask in desperation if he could help, any possible way to get it in today (its like 11am). Fernando, not only worked to get his team out, he sent 2 guys and came himself to understand the job. Talked it over, assured me it would be done well, and said he was sorry about the experience with the other company. The thing I appreciate is honesty, and pride in your work, whatever that might be. Fernando was honest, and his team was nothing short of professional. If you want quality work, with owner assurance that he cares about you as a customer, go with Fernando. You will not be disappointed.

THANKS Fernando Lugo


Dos and Don’ts of Winter Camping

Winter camping sounds insane, doesn’t it? I mean, who wants to head out carrying a tent and bedding to sleep out in the snow. It is crazy, yet there are adventurers around who relish the idea of spending nights in the cold outside.

If you believe you are one of these thrill-seekers, this post is for you to read as it focuses on the essential do’s and don’ts you have to follow while cold camping.

– Do’s

Proper Bedding

Appropriate packing is necessary before beginning your journey. Instead of taking a single bed along with you, take two or even more. You can put one bag inside the other for extra warmth.

Roll Foam Mattress

Do take along a roll foam mattress to keep yourself dry and warm. You can place it beneath your mattress to get cozier.

Recognize Your Needs

Every human being’s needs are different. Your requirements greatly depend on your fitness, tolerance power, experiences, gender, and age and body fat ratio. So, the equipment you want to take with you should cater to all your needs. It is best to take extra of everything.

Double Check

Make certain that your sleeping bag is warm enough for the climate of your destination. Be ready for below zero temperatures.

Appropriate Meals

Warm food produces heat in the body especially meals full of fats. Take with you food that is high in fats and proteins. Cheese and olive oil should be taken in abundance.

Eat Before Sleeping

Eating right before going to bed will help you in staying warm throughout the night. Good nutritious warm food will generate heat in your body, so eat immediately before calling it a night.

Gathering Firewood

If you need firewood to cook and remain warm, get out collecting it during daytime. It is unwise to go looking for it in the dark, freezing night.

Extra Layers

For staying warm throughout your sleep, throw in a few hand and foot warmers. Keep thin metallic blankets or a waterproof jacket over the top of your sleeping bag. You need all that extra warmth to have a comfortable night out.

Increase The Insulation

Shake air into your sleeping bag. This way the insulation will maximize in the bedding. You can easily do this with your bag upside down to trap in more air. This way air will also circulate in the upper sections of the bag.

Remain Dry

It is really bothersome if you get damp in your bed during night. Avoid keeping your face inside; however you might find it difficult but your breath can produce moisture. Dry out your bag every day.


  • Don’t go to sleep if you are freezing. Carry out light exercises to get your body temperature back to normal before you snuggle up in the bed.
  • You should not work out so hard that you begin to perspire. This would create dampness in your sleeping bag.
  • Don’t get indulged in drinking alcoholic beverages or this way you’ll end up feeling cold. Remember, alcohol makes your body lose heat faster.
  • Don’t breathe in your sleeping bag, keep your face out. This will not cause moisture to collect inside, and make you damp.
  • Don’t start a fire unless you are sure that it is permitted out in your campsite. Some places have strict rules and they must be followed.
  • Don’t ever wear cotton T-shirts or anything not suitable for the cold climate. It’ll ruin your whole camping trip. Instead, wear merino wool or insulating synthetics.

Dear AWV & Wood River Students

Dear AWV & Wood River Students,

ANNOUNCEMENT & SPECIAL REQUEST: We are SO very excited to announce that in 2016, you’ll see some major changes in AWV! For the past seven years, we’ve focused predominately on (1) awareness of women in service to this great nation, (2) educating military women and veterans about the benefits they’re entitled to as well as (3) advocating for policies on Capitol Hill that impact both our military women and veterans, policies like ensuring the Post 9/11 GI Bill afforded opportunities to single-parent veterans, improving VA Healthcare facilities and services for women, repealing DADT, updating the combat exclusion policy… among much more!

Even during the 2013 deployment to Afghanistan of both the Founder and Co-Founder of AWV, the organization has worked tirelessly to do all we could to ensure that AWV continued it’s mission. Because of all of this amazing work and the incredibly rapid and long-needed changes that have happened for service women and veterans since our founding in 2009, it’s time for us to evolve as well. Our primary role now is less about advocacy and policy changes (though we will be taking Congress to task on Selective Service) but more about being the watchdogs and ensuring that the VA furthers improvements as well as continuing to advise and raise awareness among the Pentagon, Congress, and the American people. We’ve worked tirelessly to impact women from strategic levels, now we are shifting our focus to work at the ground level. ‪#‎AWVBootsontheGroundMission‬‪#‎AWVBotG‬

The second phase of the ‪#‎AWVDream‬ starts here and now. The American Women Veterans Boots on the Ground Mission is all about us – all of us (yes, you, too!). It’s three phases; (1) Get to good. This phase is all about taking care of you. AWV members will work to help you not just transition from the military but set yourself up for success, (2) When you’re G2G, you’ll turn around and help a sister. This is all about us taking care of our own, and finally phase (3) is about community. We all joined the military to be a part of something incredible and so much bigger than us. After years of taking care of the world, we are bringing our strengths, skills, and experiences to benefit our families, friends, and communities here at home because service doesn’t end with a DD214!

Today is uniquely special, not only because it’s Veterans Day but because it is the kick off of ‪#‎AWVBootsontheGround‬. We are starting here in Sun Valley, Idaho, the new base of American Women Veterans. We are getting out into our local community and building the foundation of the largest women veterans organization in probably the world! Throughout 2016, we’ll be developing chapters across the country but it starts here.

To celebrate this commitment we have the honor of speaking with elementary and high school students here in our community. We have the privilege of answering their questions while simultaneously educating the next generation that ‪#‎NotEveryGIisaJoe‬!

But we won’t have the time we need to be the voice for 2.2 million women vets at the event today and because we are arguably the most diverse demographic of the US population, we’d love it if you could help us! Below are some questions the students came up with. Help us surprise them by answering the questions in the comments section of this post. During the assembly, we will tell them to check this page out.
We can think of no better way to start our new initiative than with community outreach and we are honored that we will have the opportunity to speak to some of America’s students.

Here are the students’ questions:
1. What made you want to be in the service?
2. Have you ever been in a life threatening situation while in the line of duty?
3. How hard is it to be away from loved ones and to say goodbye to your family?
4. I feel like you would never look at life w/ the same beauty after what you have seen? Is that true?
5. What was the best aspect of your service?
6. Being a female in combat seems intense, what was your experience like?
7. When you are about to take a life, do you do it for the protection of the American citizens or for the hate of the enemy?
8. Do you believe Veterans Day properly honors all Veterans? If not, what else could be done to honor our vets?
9. What was the most difficult part you had to face during War? At times when you are in the middle of the war do you sometimes regret it?
10. Do you have any regrets about the war? Greatest Injury? Are you content with your decisions?
11. Would you ever go back to war if they let you go? What was your most memorable moment?
12. Is it hard to sleep at night during war?
13. How did you feel and what were the challenges transitioning back into the country and society?
14. How heavy is the average backpack?

If you’d like to provide further assistance to our 2016 initiatives:

1. Please donate. Creating chapters across the country will cost $$!

2. Buy – Visit the store and get some of our awesome gear!

3. Volunteer – We are looking for artists, writers, chapter organizers, advisors, etc. Please send your cover letter and resume to americanwomenveterans

My ‪#TransformationTuesday -‬ My story

I would have to say that one of the greatest accomplishments of my journey has been getting my BMI from “obese” to “healthy/normal.” By the time I entered into my first year of high school, I was considered obese. And I was only 15. My doctor kept telling my parents and I that unless I did something about it right then and there, I would have some serious medical issues down the road, including potential Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. But I didn’t care. I just thought, “I can’t do anything about my weight. I’ve tried before, so why bother now?” After finally feeling so over the groggy, nasty, out-of-breath, stuck in a cloudy haze feeling all the time, I knew I just had to do something about it.

I’m so glad I decided to give myself another chance to lose weight, except this time, I did it the right way! No unhealthy diet pills, no starving then binging, no Slim Fast diets and excessive exercising. Just portion control, eating wholesome foods, and daily exercise. That’s it! Nothing crazy.
I’m not going to say that looking good wasn’t one of my motives for losing weight, but getting my health in order was on the top of my priorities list! In fact, my health was so on game this year, my doctor told me to not come back for a physical next year (unless I have a dramatic change in weight). And THAT to me is what matters most; whatever will keep me out of the doctor’s office!
So today, I challenge you all to start thinking about HEALTH. Start doing this for that reason and nothing else. Do you want to enjoy your years with your family for as long as possible or deal with ridiculously costly medical expenses, high blood pressure, diabetes, or even heart attacks?! Of course not! But sadly, that’s the reality of obesity and poor health. If you’re finally ready to turn your life around and reverse the negative effects of a poor lifestyle and start developing HEALTHY habits, email me at katiegetsfit1020 Don’t let the compound effect of your choices now bite you in the butt later. Do it because you care about yourself, and your life! 😊