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5 Aug 2007

Interfacing Bibdesk and Journler

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I am becoming a mac-running academic, which implies that I need to find the right piece of software for each use. After my switch from Word to LyX/LaTeX, I find out Journler, a note-taking application, that I use to keep track of my thoughts on the publications I read for my lab work. Eventually, I […]

29 Jul 2007

Lyx 1.5 : note on Bibdesk integration

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I was waiting for LyX 1.5 to be released for a long time now. After weeks of unsustainable waiting, the WYSIWYM LaTeX editor is no longer a release candidate. After a little experiments of my own with this brand new version, which is very powerfull yet intuitive, I decided to find out if BibDesk integration […]

17 Jan 2007

CiteULike Ranking System

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On January 16th, Richard Cameron, founder and developper of the well known social publication managing website CiteULike announced the release of a new feature : paper ranking, via user votes. This method, even if based on a very good idea, and aiming to serve user by enhancing visibility of hot papers, is in my own and humble opinion, biased, and released far too early.