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6 Apr 2008

Brèves #4

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Une série de brèves qui ne tombe pas un mardi, mais peu importe…
Guillaume, de spectrosciences, ouvre son blog perso. Et c’est bon.
Les mêmes lancent un bulletin scientifique très bon. Et nous préparent un compte-rendu de la table ronde “Blogs de science”.
A découvrir aussi, Tea & Science, nouveau et très bon blog de Nox. La fin […]

5 Aug 2007

Interfacing Bibdesk and Journler

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I am becoming a mac-running academic, which implies that I need to find the right piece of software for each use. After my switch from Word to LyX/LaTeX, I find out Journler, a note-taking application, that I use to keep track of my thoughts on the publications I read for my lab work. Eventually, I […]

29 Jul 2007

Lyx 1.5 : note on Bibdesk integration

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I was waiting for LyX 1.5 to be released for a long time now. After weeks of unsustainable waiting, the WYSIWYM LaTeX editor is no longer a release candidate. After a little experiments of my own with this brand new version, which is very powerfull yet intuitive, I decided to find out if BibDesk integration […]