Professional Touch Paint – Fernando Lugo

What can I say, but THANK YOU. Fernando, you saved me today. I would like anyone to consider Fernando and his team for any painting they might need. We ran into an issue this am, with another Painter. Initially, it was a 2-day project but on Wed, they asked to do on Friday, because bigger projects were running later than expected and they now thought 1-day was enough. I was okay, I noted as long as your done by Friday, we are okay. We have a party Saturday, and need it done. Friday 830 am. Painter arrives. What wasn’t known, is the job went from 2 guys to 1 guy, okay..not an issue, but the painter at my house doesn’t have any supplies (ladder, drop clothes, enough PAINT, etc). Its about 1030 with no movement, so I ask for a status? No contact with the boss, no one is answering.

I needed it done, and with the potential for 2 days initially, and then shaved to 1 with 2-guys, now 1 guy with no paint supplies. It wasn’t going to happen, so I was over it and terminated the work.

What did I have left? I checked out WFC and saw Fernando and his crew. I call him up, ask in desperation if he could help, any possible way to get it in today (its like 11am). Fernando, not only worked to get his team out, he sent 2 guys and came himself to understand the job. Talked it over, assured me it would be done well, and said he was sorry about the experience with the other company. The thing I appreciate is honesty, and pride in your work, whatever that might be. Fernando was honest, and his team was nothing short of professional. If you want quality work, with owner assurance that he cares about you as a customer, go with Fernando. You will not be disappointed.

THANKS Fernando Lugo


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