Dos and Don’ts of Winter Camping

Winter camping sounds insane, doesn’t it? I mean, who wants to head out carrying a tent and bedding to sleep out in the snow. It is crazy, yet there are adventurers around who relish the idea of spending nights in the cold outside.

If you believe you are one of these thrill-seekers, this post is for you to read as it focuses on the essential do’s and don’ts you have to follow while cold camping.

– Do’s

Proper Bedding

Appropriate packing is necessary before beginning your journey. Instead of taking a single bed along with you, take two or even more. You can put one bag inside the other for extra warmth.

Roll Foam Mattress

Do take along a roll foam mattress to keep yourself dry and warm. You can place it beneath your mattress to get cozier.

Recognize Your Needs

Every human being’s needs are different. Your requirements greatly depend on your fitness, tolerance power, experiences, gender, and age and body fat ratio. So, the equipment you want to take with you should cater to all your needs. It is best to take extra of everything.

Double Check

Make certain that your sleeping bag is warm enough for the climate of your destination. Be ready for below zero temperatures.

Appropriate Meals

Warm food produces heat in the body especially meals full of fats. Take with you food that is high in fats and proteins. Cheese and olive oil should be taken in abundance.

Eat Before Sleeping

Eating right before going to bed will help you in staying warm throughout the night. Good nutritious warm food will generate heat in your body, so eat immediately before calling it a night.

Gathering Firewood

If you need firewood to cook and remain warm, get out collecting it during daytime. It is unwise to go looking for it in the dark, freezing night.

Extra Layers

For staying warm throughout your sleep, throw in a few hand and foot warmers. Keep thin metallic blankets or a waterproof jacket over the top of your sleeping bag. You need all that extra warmth to have a comfortable night out.

Increase The Insulation

Shake air into your sleeping bag. This way the insulation will maximize in the bedding. You can easily do this with your bag upside down to trap in more air. This way air will also circulate in the upper sections of the bag.

Remain Dry

It is really bothersome if you get damp in your bed during night. Avoid keeping your face inside; however you might find it difficult but your breath can produce moisture. Dry out your bag every day.


  • Don’t go to sleep if you are freezing. Carry out light exercises to get your body temperature back to normal before you snuggle up in the bed.
  • You should not work out so hard that you begin to perspire. This would create dampness in your sleeping bag.
  • Don’t get indulged in drinking alcoholic beverages or this way you’ll end up feeling cold. Remember, alcohol makes your body lose heat faster.
  • Don’t breathe in your sleeping bag, keep your face out. This will not cause moisture to collect inside, and make you damp.
  • Don’t start a fire unless you are sure that it is permitted out in your campsite. Some places have strict rules and they must be followed.
  • Don’t ever wear cotton T-shirts or anything not suitable for the cold climate. It’ll ruin your whole camping trip. Instead, wear merino wool or insulating synthetics.

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