Interfacing Bibdesk and Journler

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I am becoming a mac-running academic, which implies that I need to find the right piece of software for each use. After my switch from Word to LyX/LaTeX, I find out Journler, a note-taking application, that I use to keep track of my thoughts on the publications I read for my lab work. Eventually, I note in it some hypothesis and paragraphs for my soon-to-be Master’s thesis, which implies the use of references.

I wrote an Applescript which allows one to send selected Bibdesk entries into the current (selected) note in Journler, in the form


You can download it right here.

Just put it in the Scripts folder of your Bibdesk application support’s directory.

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  1. Merci bien! A nice start.The new BibDesk Release makes it possible to access the Local-Url and cite key formats, that should at least make it easier.