Lyx 1.5 : note on Bibdesk integration

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I was waiting for LyX 1.5 to be released for a long time now. After weeks of unsustainable waiting, the WYSIWYM LaTeX editor is no longer a release candidate. After a little experiments of my own with this brand new version, which is very powerfull yet intuitive, I decided to find out if BibDesk integration was still easy.

Being a Mac OS X user, I used Mark Reid’s SendToLyx script with LyX 1.4. I was very disapointed when I find out that the (announced) new version of the script didn’t worked with LyX 1.5. Being an AppleScript guru (in fact, I barely now how to launch the editor), I decided to engage myself in a little hack, to fix it.

Well, it’s in fact quite easy. All you need to do is to change the line
set theLyxPipe140 to theHomeDir &
"Library/'Application Support'/LyX-1.4/"
set theLyxPipe140 to theHomeDir &
"Library/'Application Support'/LyX-1.5/"
so the script will find the right path to the lyxpipe.

Of course, it would be more correct to declare a new theLyxPipe150, and to add the right instructions troughout the script, but it’s more time consuming, and my new diving mask (the apneist’s best friend) was calling me.

Edit: I finally decided to rewrite the script. You can download it here.


Sinon, comme vous pouvez le voir sur la photo, je suis bien arrivé en stage. Pas d’autres commentaires…

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  1. Hi,

    I’m the author of the SendToLyX script.

    Sorry about not updating the script for 1.5 yet. I’ve had already made precisely the fix you mention for 1.5 but hadn’t uploaded it to my site as I’m just about to move house.

    You post has prompted me to action so I’ve uploaded it now. It should work for 1.5 and 1.4 as well as the earlier versions.

    Of course, this script will only work until LyX 1.6 is released. I think the correct solution is that AppleScript should be able to ask the currently running LyX for the location of its lyxpipe and then use that to send citations through. I plan to put a feature request in for this sometime soon.

    Thanks for so quickly fixing up my script.

  2. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your comment. I tried to find a way to contact you through your blog, but it’s not so obvious…

    Knowing that the folder name is the same that the version name, it would be possible to parse it to find out which version is running, no? Maybe I’m completly wrong, but I think that PERL could do such a thing (I don’t know applescript at all, by the way).

    You’re welcome for any fixing, your script is so usefull to me I couldn’t wait for you to fix it up ^^